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mar 26, 2014 when it comes to asbestos in vinyl flooring, the carey brothers give you advise on the best way to remove flooring.【Get Price】

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may 20, 2003 regarding the potentially asbestos tiles underneath, if you have working you'd be surprised to learn most laminate floors are not concrete 【Get Price】

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apr 19, 2017 so i just finished up installing laminate flooring only to find out that i to get under the layer of underlayment that the tiles were attached to.【Get Price】

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a majority of the vinyl flooring made before 1986 contained asbestos in the tiles fiber found in the earth and can only be identified under a special microscope.【Get Price】

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jan 28, 2017 this is why we often find vinyl asbestos tile underneath other kinds of we do not recommend installing laminate flooring as there is usually 【Get Price】

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jun 21, 2019 asbestos vinyl tile flooring is found in many older homes and can be major brands are usually best when buying laminate flooring 【Get Price】

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dont be fooled by thinking that asbestos isn't found in newer building a luxury vinyl tile floating floor over an existing laminate floating floor to 【Get Price】

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jan 28, 2015 after removing the existing flooring, sometimes dealing with the i went into one of the rooms where the floor was failing and observed a large raised area under the foam underlayments, laminate flooring and all other floating floors. *ple 【Get Price】

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linoleum is a natural flooring material known for its complex, colorful patterns and widespread use commonly found under i a classic geometric design on vintage 1950s linoleum it's hard to be certain whether either linoleum or vinyl flooring contains asbe 【Get Price】

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you should be able to remove the carpet and padding without disturbing the tile. then you can install a floating laminate wood floor without any 【Get Price】

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if old glue breaks loose under new vinyl, it can cause failures in the new floor be aware that asbestos was used in some old linoleum and flooring adhesives, 【Get Price】

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jul 13, 2018 workers must take many precautions to remove asbestos floor tiles even if the vinyl flooring is pulled up intact, the old adhesive underneath 【Get Price】

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installation of your barrier film over asbestos-containing flooring must be layer of non-asbestos flooring are classified operations under the asbestos standard, 【Get Price】

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concerned that your you may have asbestos floor tiles in your older home? some of the flooring tiles have come off and you see thick black adhesive underneath. new vinyl, laminate flooring, hardwood, engineered floating flooring, and 【Get Price】

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q: i was hoping to install a hardwood floor in my home's 1970s addition, but when i pulled up the carpet, i found vinyl tiles stuck to the concrete slab. i suspect 【Get Price】

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asbestos floor tiles are fairly common in properties of a certain age and needn't be a reason to panic, you may not even need to remove them. nevertheless it 【Get Price】

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mixing asbestos into vinyl floor tiles made them more insulating and resistant to in 2010, as part of congoleum's reorganization plan under chapter 11 of the 【Get Price】

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apr 26, 2009 armstrong asbestos floor tile under the microscope (c) daniel friedman if you can identify your floor tile collection name or model number, or if 【Get Price】

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mar 26, 2015 i read a flooring article recently that i'd like your thoughts on. it was entitled "flooring choices each have different advantages" and contained 【Get Price】

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nov 1, 2018 for asbestos tiles, that means covering them with a floor covering that laminate flooring and vinyl tiles also float over the subfloor and are 【Get Price】