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apr 3, 2019 a common and unusual symptom of anxiety is a feeling like the floor is moving, dropping, or swaying under my feet. learn why anxiety can 【Get Price】

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feb 1, 2012 very few people know what a vertigo attack feels like. i fell to the floor and shut my eyes as tight as i could, not knowing what was happening. day i sway as if i am on a boat;( it's like i got an infection that attacked my 【Get Price】

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she said that she felt light headed, as if she was swaying and . pppd may feel that they are walking on spongy ground sometimes or that their feet themselves 【Get Price】

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it may make you feel unsteady and like things are moving when they are not. "i have been know to pass out and twitch on the floor/ground and my bladder and 【Get Price】

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floor is moving, like on a boat or the floor is sinking. if the ent checks out .. i still feel the constant swaying motion though. it's horrible when i 【Get Price】

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jul 21, 2016 practically, there may be a sensation of periodic rotation, or a sensation of sway. to us, we think it would be more accurate to say that these physicians did not rocking, like most types of dizziness, is usually worse when 【Get Price】

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nov 2, 2015 i'm having a hard time believing anxiety can cause dizziness, with a feels like the floor is moving up and down when i walk, neck pain, tops of 【Get Price】

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some people describe vertigo as feeling 'wobbly' or the sensation of spinning, if you like our information and have found it helpful, why not become a member.【Get Price】

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mdds is a disorder that leaves patients feeling as if they are rocking and bobbing, as if on a sensation of rocking/bobbing/swaying is almost imperceptible.【Get Price】

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may 14, 2018 ship passengers might be surprised to find that the swaying, dizzy feeling the distance between your foot and the floor, or you bump into objects. your body feels movement that isn't related to what you're seeing your doctor mi 【Get Price】

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mal de debarquement (or mal de débarquement) syndrome is a neurological condition usually a major diagnostic indicator is that most patients feel better while driving or riding in a car, i.e.: while in passive motion. swaying feeling" and the abatement o 【Get Price】

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you can feel like you are swaying as if on a boat, rocking back and forth, being pushed or pulled in one direction, falling or dropping. see these references for a 【Get Price】

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mar 6, 2018 when should i seek help if i think i have a balance disorder? sensory hair cells lining the floor or wall of each organ, with stereocilia extending a feeling of continuously rocking, swaying, or bobbing, typically after an ocean 【Get Price】

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sep 18, 2018 if you have vertigo, you might feel like you're moving or spinning when you're not. or you may feel like your surroundings are in motion when 【Get Price】

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jul 19, 2017 you might feel like the room is spinning around in circles or that your surroundings are moving. this feeling is called vertigo. bppv is 【Get Price】

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may 25, 2018 if your swimming head is teamed with other nervy symptoms, like restlessness, palpitations and a feeling of dread, the chances are it's anxiety 【Get Price】

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dizziness, blurred vision, nausea and feeling like i was hit by a bus about .. the floor feels like it's crooked when i walk, i feel like i'm constantly swaying or 【Get Price】

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jun 12, 2007 “i felt a rocking sensation, but i thought it was just the usual kind of thing,” she said. but when the feeling persisted for weeks, then months, she 【Get Price】

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others describe feeling “wobbly”, as if they were on a merry-go- round or on a boat on choppy water. what is vertigo? vertigo is a specific type of dizziness.【Get Price】

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what condition makes a person feel like they are swaying or in a boat . when having an episode of this kind by lying down flat on the floor.【Get Price】

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feb 23, 2018 people with oscillopsia describe symptoms like these: jumping, jittery, wobbly, or shimmering vision; blurred or fuzzy vision; trouble focusing 【Get Price】

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sep 30, 2017 a neurological disorder leaves people feeling as if they're swaying and bobbing all the time. it was as if the floor and walls were moving.【Get Price】