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a veneer is a very thin piece of wood that is attached to particle board or other types of manufactured wood. veneers are used to lessen the cost of a project 【Get Price】

difference between laminate & wood veneer + how to paint both

mar 16, 2017 what's the difference between laminate and wood veneer? let's start with the definitions of each… because they're totally different things.【Get Price】

veneer definition of veneer by merriam-webster

veneer definition is - a thin sheet of a material: such as. as of a common sort of wood) with a thin layer of finer wood for outer finish or decoration broadly : to 【Get Price】

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gets chipped and reveals itself to be nothing more than some cheap particle-board covered with a thin layer of fancy wood? that thin layer is called a veneer.【Get Price】

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define veneer. veneer synonyms, veneer pronunciation, veneer translation, a thin surface layer, as of finely grained wood, glued to a base of inferior material.【Get Price】

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veneer definition: if you refer to the pleasant way that someone or something appears as a veneer is a thin layer of wood or plastic that is used to improve the 【Get Price】

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changes in humidity cause wood cells to expand and contract which can cause the entire veneer part of the panel to grow and shrink. the movement occurs 【Get Price】

technical veneers - danzer

danzer offers different types of technical veneers in a wide variety of species. we also combine wood veneer with other materials like metal. our proprietary 【Get Price】

what is wood veneer? - decospan

wood veneer is a thin layer of wood which is cut from a log. the main difference with solid wood is that solid wood is sawn from a log. this produces more waste 【Get Price】

how bad is wood veneer on furniture? - the harp gallery

there is a common belief that furniture made with veneer is something to avoid, and that solid wood is always better.【Get Price】

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before describing what wood veneer is, it's important to know what the word “veneer” means. a veneer is a thin coating over the top of a solid material that is 【Get Price】

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definition of veneer - a thin decorative covering of fine wood applied to a coarser wood or other material, a crown in which the restoration is placed ov.【Get Price】

glossary of veneer terms: formwood industries

glossary of common veneer terms used in the plywood and wood veneer industry. gum pockets: well defined openings between rings of annual growth, 【Get Price】

substrates for wood veneering - joe woodworker

a substrate is the material to which a veneer is bonded. with careful preparation and adhesive selection, almost any smooth surface can be veneered.【Get Price】

wood veneer vs. solid wood · - revolve furnishings

jan 15, 2018 often people shopping for furniture are uncertain about the difference between wood veneers and solid wood. many people mistakenly assume 【Get Price】

what is the difference between wood veneer and laminate? nbf

jan 22, 2018 this means that it is stronger and that it tends to be heat- and scratch-resistant, making laminate easier to care for than real wood or veneer.【Get Price】

veneer - dictionary definition :

veneer. you know how some furniture looks like solid oak or maple until it gets more than some cheap particle-board covered with a thin layer of fancy wood?【Get Price】

wood veneer - flexible materials

a backing material typically used to back wood veneer sheets. heavy eye is defined by some manufacturers as 100 or more eyes per square foot, averaged 【Get Price】

the difference between veneer, laminate & solid wood furnish

oct 2, 2013 today, we will try to help to define and explain the practical applications of the three. veneer is technically a thin layer of hardwood, usually 【Get Price】