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we describe sources of asbestos in older forms of sheet flooring including felt-backed flooring, rubber-backed flooring, and vinyl cushion-backed resilient 【Get Price】

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floor tiles, vinyl floor, plastic tiles, lino or linoleum. product description commercial vinyl floor covering which contains asbestos in the backing. location.【Get Price】

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resilient floor tiles (vinyl asbestos, asphalt, and rubber), the backing on vinyl sheet flooring, and adhesives used for installing floor tile. sanding tiles can release 【Get Price】

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nov 6, 2015 the use of asbestos was common in vinyl because it made the it was common for vinyl sheet flooring to have an asbestos backing that is 【Get Price】

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jul 13, 2018 unlike many asbestos-containing materials, vinyl asbestos flooring is generally safe to be around. but that changes as soon as you decide to 【Get Price】

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aug 21, 2013 floor boards underneath vinyl tile (possible asbestos tile) the reason being that the sheet vinyl has a paper backing to it and it is this paper 【Get Price】

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sheet vinyl flooring is vinyl flooring that comes in large, continuous, flexible sheets. a vinyl because the closed-cell foam backing of vinyl sheet can be varied, it can be given the resilience profile of sprung performance floor, suitable as a sports or htt 【Get Price】

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vinyl-asbestos floor tile, asphalt-asbestos floor tile, and sheet vinyl flooring backed with asbestos-containing felt were used up until the 1980s and posed a 【Get Price】

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the most dangerous of these products is asbestos vinyl sheet flooring. this type of flooring often had an asbestos backing that is considered friable, which 【Get Price】

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sep 18, 2015 asbestos was a common component used in vinyl flooring for many if the flooring itself doesn't contain asbestos, the adhesive on the backing 【Get Price】

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may 17, 2016 asphalt floor tile (aft) and vinyl asbestos tile (vat) were the primary asbestos materials, although felt backing in some sheet resilient floors 【Get Price】

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the kitchen floor is sheet vinyl on a concrete slab. if this likely does have asbestos in the glue or paper backing, how worried should i be 【Get Price】

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the release of asbestos during maintenance and removal of resilient floor covering is wet removals of sheet vinyl/separated backing, 12" x 12" vinyl asbestos 【Get Price】

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asbestos is the name given to a naturally occurring group of minerals made up of resilient floor tiles (vinyl asbestos, asphalt, and rubber), the backing 【Get Price】

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dec 20, 2011 asbestos was present in vinyl asbestos tiles and most (if not all) asphalt tiles. the asbestos content of felt backing on linoleum flooring was as 【Get Price】