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i painted these slate tiles in graphite with a paris grey wash. pewter

feb 4, 2019 jun 29, 2019- i painted these slate tiles in graphite with a paris grey wash. pewter wax is applied in no particular pattern. grout lines are drawn 【Get Price】

how to correct a slate floor chip home guides sf gate

slate flooring serves as a long-lasting and durable alternative to traditional floor finishes. this natural stone product generally comes in tile form, and features a 【Get Price】

4 slate flooring repair tips

accidents, or just simple wear and tear, can stain, crack or chip even sturdy slate flooring. what is great with slate flooring, however, is that you can repair such 【Get Price】

patch soft, crumbling, cracking, powdering - aldon chemical

reinforcing soft and crumbling grout, tile, mortar, brick, stone, etc. this is seen most frequently at the juncture of wall and floor because the movement is along two notice the cleft into the slate that is at risk to flake off under foot traffic.【Get Price】

home improvement; maintaining and repairing tile floors

nov 5, 1981 although slate and quarry tile are considered primarily a paving to patch cracked or crumbling mortar joints between the individual 【Get Price】

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apr 5, 2019 cement grout is porous and prone to cracking and crumbling picture of slate tiles floor before and after cracked grout repair picture of a 【Get Price】

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may 15, 2019 if the grout is crumbling or otherwise physically in poor shape, you gain the added how to clean and remove stains from slate floor tiles 【Get Price】

slate tiles - crumbling, painting over? - renovate forums

hi all, i have 1980's-era riven slate tile on a concrete slab - most of the tile is it will continue to deteriorate even if painted with a factory floor 2 【Get Price】

stone and tile floor damaged from floods? replace or repair?

attorneys and insurance adjusters have difficulty in cases where flooding occurs due to the fact that it is difficult to determine if a floor needs to be replaced or if it 【Get Price】

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mar 1, 2019 can you install tile over vinyl flooring? how to install marble floor tiles how to replace a slate floor tile 【Get Price】

how to seal stone floors and grout jon-don

sealing of stone floors, ceramic, and grout for marble, slate, granite, terrazzo, porcelain, terra cotta, and quarry should happen every 1-2 years. this is a generic 【Get Price】

solved: slate floor is flaking - any ideas on ho - workshop

do you know what's underneath it? ripping it up could be an option the biggest plus in taking this route is that you no longer have a slate floor.【Get Price】

how to fix slate tile flooring home guides sf gate

if you have crumbling grout or lifted or damaged slate tiles, you don't need to replace the whole floor. you can clean and reinstall a loose piece of slate, but you'll 【Get Price】

fireplace and woodstove questions

i have a fireplace in my house that has cinder block walls and a slate floor area (where the fire burns). both of crumbling mortar and brick could clog the flue.【Get Price】

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slate flooring and countetops come in many colors, but buyers must be aware of tricky most etching and staining (but not necessarily scratching or crumbling).【Get Price】

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questions about your bathroom floor tile project? among any of the available tile flooring materials: marble, travertine, limestone, granite, slate, for a long-time or you could get a variety that will be constantly breaking apart and crumbling.【Get Price】

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find out how to repair stone floors, with expert advice from douglas kent, technical and research director of the society for the protection of ancient buildings.【Get Price】

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oct 1, 2017 hi there! i moved into a home with old slate in entry way. the slate is filthy and grout is crumbling! we dont have the funds to replace the floor.【Get Price】

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read this article to find out about the pros and cons of applying grout over existing grout in a tile floor, and a better solution to the problem..【Get Price】

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concerned that your you may have asbestos floor tiles in your older home? they are friable, meaning the material can crumble and release the fibers into the air. even ceramic, slate, and stone tiles can be installed on top, as long as a 【Get Price】