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feb 12, 2018 in addition to the visible white stains we notice, salt gets caked on the next, it's time to tackle removing salt stains from wood floors. before 【Get Price】

how to remove white spots from hardwood floors

sep 26, 2017 water spills left on a wood floor may evaporate, leaving white or grayish spots. alcohol, medicines or perfumes may also cause white spots or 【Get Price】

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if the bleach did not get into the wood but only bleached the finish (polyurethane or how do i remove blue ink stains from hardwood floor? . how can you remove hard water stains (white stains) from the bathroom floor?【Get Price】

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on hardwood flooring, water spills, wet flower vases, or extremely hot dishes can leave behind unsightly white spots and rings. this happens when the moisture 【Get Price】

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nov 7, 2016 manufacturer of the highest quality engineered wood flooring in the usa - nydree is white vinegar can be used for removing red wine stains.【Get Price】

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how to remove pet stains from wood floors. by carol and deodorant, ordinary white vinegar you have in the kitchen is a great tool for removing these stains.【Get Price】

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it's normal to encounter issues with your wood floors but they are not the end of the world. what's important is to white spots on wood floor. wax finish: rub the 【Get Price】

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apr 12, 2018 this might seem like a strange question, but the answer is important to helping you figure out how to best address the wood floor stain. white 【Get Price】

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feb 21, 2014 jolie kerr is a cleaning expert and advice columnist. she'll be here every other week helping to answer your filthiest questions. are you dirty?【Get Price】

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jul 16, 2015 wood flooring contractor michael purser discusses the source of some mysterious white spots appearing on a dark wood floor.【Get Price】

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laminate wood flooring. if your tip: use tea to mask white stains on laminate flooring. by linda [1 post, question: milky white spots on laminate flooring.【Get Price】

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question: we have these large stains, which are white in color. we were told that it has something to do with the wax finish being discolored. what can we do 【Get Price】