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if you cover up the flooring, tom silva from this old house recommends notifying anyone who buys your home that asbestos tiles are present. the sellers 【Get Price】

basement flooring over asbestos tiles, ideas? - toolguyd

dec 16, 2015 are you sure you won't have to take the asbestos tiles up? if the original poster or anyone in that situation wants to simply use it or cover it up 【Get Price】

on the level: vinyl asbestos tile is best left alone when installing

mar 26, 2015 can you just install plywood over the vinyl asbestos whatever its with some kind of tile to even things up or should the vinyl asbestos tile be totally removed? now i'd like to have hardwood floors throughout the house and 【Get Price】

best way to cover vinyl asbestos tile (vat) in basement?

mar 11, 2013 any advice on what to use to cover the floor before laying new floor on i have heard many stories that even if the tiles come up undamaged, 【Get Price】

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if your floor is covered with asbestos tile, you don't have to remove them. asbestos encapsulation is a viable strategy sanctioned by the epa. for asbestos tiles 【Get Price】

asbestos flooring-do you really need that abatement?

jan 28, 2017 often times the homeowner is unaware of the asbestos tile flooring at all. it's usually found covered up underneath an existing floor, most often 【Get Price】

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as long as it's left alone and isn't disturbed, vinyl flooring or tiles pose no that we're talking about here as far as covering up and effectively sealing off the 【Get Price】

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strategies for leaving asbestos-containing floor tiles or sheet flooring safely in place in a building: choosing an appropriate material to cover-up or coat the 【Get Price】

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mar 27, 2017 most commonly in the home it is found with asbestos tile floors. if these the only good way to cover-up asbestos tile will be with an asbestos 【Get Price】

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jan 17, 2016 i've learned that i have floor tile in my basement that might contain asbestos. encapsulating asbestos is often cheaper and safer than trying to 【Get Price】

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jan 28, 2014 bruce owns total floor coverings on westhill blv in appleton. he was kind enough to give me the run down on what to do if you are replacing 【Get Price】

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jul 28, 2011 unfortunately on some of the tiles the corners are cracked and came up and i believe you can see the cement flooring underneath. i've been 【Get Price】

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nov 1, 2018 any number of floor coverings are suitable for encapsulating asbestos tile, and they all have one thing in common: they don't require nailing.【Get Price】

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how to identify asbestos floor tiles. contents [hide]. 1 how you can identify asbestos floor tile: 1.1 closely examine tiles for decay; 1.2 check for any 【Get Price】

asbestos floor tile: is it safe to remove on your own?

jul 13, 2018 even if the vinyl flooring is pulled up intact, the old adhesive workers must cover air vents, doors and windows with plastic flaps and turn off 【Get Price】

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cover old asbestos tile with new tile or a floating floor. porcelain floors are extremely versatile and durable, with tile sizes up to 24 inches available for a clean, 【Get Price】

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mar 29, 2019 if the tile is in good shape, you can just cover it up. if it's in bad if you cover the asbestos tile with another layer of floor, you can protect the tile.【Get Price】