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best hearthstone decks to build with 'journey to un'goro' cards

apr 30, 2017 hearthstone's latest expansion, journey to un'goro, has shaken up the meta. here are some of the new decks we've enjoyed playing for each 【Get Price】

well look at that, un'goro has created hearthstone's best - forbes

apr 19, 2017 well look at that, un'goro has created hearthstone's best rogue – yes, quest rogue is the most popular deck in the game right now, and 【Get Price】

cards rotating out in 2019 - hearthstone forums - blizzard

after asking for advice on cards to craft to best avoid the upcoming rotation, i looked journey to ungoro deck of wonders; dragon's fury.【Get Price】

explore un'goro - hearthstone cards - hearthpwn

the best use of this card seems to be as a plan b for early aggro decks. all that said, the cards it discovers should probably cost (1) or (2) less to compensate for 【Get Price】

​prepare to embark on a journey to un'goro! - hearthstone

feb 27, 2017 quest cards are legendary, so you can only have one in your deck, and they'll starting tomorrow, you can pre-purchase 50 journey to un'goro card packs for .. hopefully things change in the new expansion for the better.【Get Price】

best midrange hunter un'goro - hearthstone decks - hearthpwn

apr 14, 2017 hi, i'm chaouc, greek hearthstone player. this is the best midrange list so far i hope you like it, if you did press the thumbs up. follow me at 【Get Price】

hearthstone: best rise of shadows decks and guide - vg247

apr 26, 2019 that means every card from journey to un'goro, knights of the frozen throne and kobolds & catacombs will be confined to wild, where 【Get Price】

journey to un'goro quests - a year later - hearthstone top decks

jun 22, 2018 probably the most discussed quest before the un'goro's launch, it got famous when lifecoach said that this card is a terrible design and it 【Get Price】

hearthstone decks for rise of shadows - icy veins

budget aggro jade shaman wild un'goro deck 4 weapons, 14 spells, n'zoth thief rogue wild un'goro deck 2 weapons, 11 spells, 17 minions wild. 4. 2. 5.【Get Price】

un'goro decks - hearthstone metabomb

apr 20, 2017 the top journey to un'goro decks currently being played, with recommendations for every hearthstone hero.【Get Price】

sensei picks: top 10 hearthstone meta decks for october 2018

oct 5, 2018 sensei picks: top 10 hearthstone meta decks for october 2018 standard combo is tempo malygos with floop in hand and then play floop as malygos + spells. . conquest of un'goro: tech cards & the hearthstone meta.【Get Price】

a tier list of the journey to un'goro quests - articles - tempo storm

apr 24, 2017 journey to un'goro has been out for a couple of weeks now. is still using a legendary quest deck, so we've gotten a good grasp on how the 【Get Price】

so long to the greatest expansion: un'goro : hearthstone - reddit

mar 5, 2019 i would make the argument that un'goro had it all. and pirate warrior were the only two decks that were consistently ranked tier 1 by both vs 【Get Price】

year of the raven dusting guide — off curve

feb 21, 2019 ozruk: elemental decks have always been a couple of notches in power .. explore un'goro: in general, you need to have a good reason to 【Get Price】

what are hearthstone's best quest cards? we rank them for

apr 11, 2017 some early journey to un'goro analyses expressed doubts that the rogue's although it's not quite a top-of-the-line ladder deck – jade and 【Get Price】

20 decks to try out on day 1 of rastakhan's rumble! vicious

dec 3, 2018 cube hunter is one of the best decks in the game and it's hard to envision it's been nearly two years since journey to un'goro launched and 【Get Price】

'hearthstone' class arena tier list: who's the best in 'journey to

may 7, 2017 hearthstone's arena has changed a lot since journey to un'goro. when drafting a rogue deck, cards like mimic pod, swashburglar and 【Get Price】

revisiting the best and worst of journey to un'goro's card design

jun 21, 2017 no one card, deck, class, or strategy feels particularly oppressive, which if you've spent any time in the hearthstone scene feels… unusual.【Get Price】

journey to un'goro hearthstone cards list - hearthstone top decks

stone elemental is a 1 mana cost free shaman minion elemental card from the journey to un'goro set.【Get Price】

hearthstone: 14 journey to un'goro cards that stand above the rest

apr 19, 2017 hearthstone: journey to un'goro is quickly becoming one of does a lot of things well and fits in many top tier decks including taunt warrior, 【Get Price】

journey to un'goro deck guides - popular meta decks

apr 15, 2017 i've had stonekeep hard at work producing deck guides for every potential meta deck that surfaces in the new journey to un'goro meta game.【Get Price】

top un'goro decklists from pros and streamers disguised toast

apr 7, 2017 top un'goro decklists from pros and streamers if you're curious about the current meta deck rankings, be sure to check out our deck 【Get Price】

un'goro legendaries crafting guide blizzpro's hearthstone

apr 24, 2017 today i will talk to you about legendary cards in the new un'goro the top tier mage decks, freeze mage and burn mage, even do not utilize 【Get Price】