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6 days ago non mp storm of the millennium (for blue pw)- standard deck · magagumo need help with mono white gideon, battle forged deck ideas.【Get Price】

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this is why ascension decks are blue-red, and in fact why a lot of different a white/red deck swarms the opponent with small creatures more reliably probably a pretty bad idea to coexist in a multicoloured deck, though i've 【Get Price】

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deck, mono b standard, an hour ago, theeldrazipenguin, $28, 6. deck, white power, 2 hours ago, hayeksplosives, $43, 12. deck, sultai dredge, 2 hours ago 【Get Price】

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the page contains over 40 different deck archetypes with a short description of the archetype, some both for existing archetypes, new deck ideas and for ec or atlantic rules! green blue berserk · black red aggro · white weenie.【Get Price】

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while the deck types listed below are specific to magic: the gathering, these concepts blue-white control, which is similar to mono-blue control, but features more . it includes the idea of smaller threats that combine to form a bigger threat.【Get Price】

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"kuhn's red, white, and blue deck maintains a sharp balance between speed the deck employs more than twenty creatures and dips into blue for lobotomy.".【Get Price】

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updated oct 09, 2013 by dullweasel using our mtg deck builder. i tried making a deck i could buy for cheap but could still do well at a local fmn.【Get Price】

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may 8, 2015 the idea was that, given your spells were inevitably going to trade off with . playing a counter-based blue control deck may feel like a puzzle at first, but . green/ white devotion is not normally considered a control deck.【Get Price】

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feb 13, 2019 first off, if you are playing a deck that's soft to mono-blue, it's probably fungal infection lines up fine against both white and blue aggro decks.【Get Price】

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sep 30, 2018 spencer goes over an updated uw control list for guilds of ravnica standard! 1 arch of orazca 2 blink of an eye 3 chemister's insight 2 【Get Price】

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feb 8, 2019 the format is unique because there are many strong decks, a great sign that also means that it is healthy. 2 radical idea . the izzet drakes deck has actually become somewhat similar to mono-blue aggro; it uses cards taking lots of turns ca 【Get Price】

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this is my homemade azorius control deck, i have gotten a lot of help with the deck adding more gitaxian probe is a great idea, especially if you want to run 【Get Price】

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may 24, 2017 be sure to see my deck tech on building standard cycling drake haven here: and watch 40 simple ways to 【Get Price】

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may 13, 2018 white-blue control by leo lahonen deck list with prices for magic: the gathering (mtg).【Get Price】

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i have a blue/white control/voltron sygg, river guide edh deck i've made in person that i could get you a link to for some ideas if you wanted.【Get Price】

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apr 5, 2019 blue-white control deck list with prices for magic: the gathering (mtg).【Get Price】

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here you will find a collection of decks kindly supplied by our contributors. have a browse and color r. anonymous, blue-white-colorless planeswalkers, 1.【Get Price】

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however, i've had a lot of trouble building a decent blue deck. make a red/green control deck than it is a blue/white control deck, but it's usually possible. .. the idea of tempo is to stick 1-2 threats quickly, and then protect 【Get Price】

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more than 2565 standard decks from the best pro players and tournaments around the world. become a winner mono blue tempo, 1.50%, 38 white aggro【Get Price】

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feb 8, 2018 perhaps the white deck contains cards like ajani's pridemate and angelic . god doing in the same black-green-blue (sultai) midrange deck together? the idea of a "good stuff" deck is nearly the inverse of a linear strategy.【Get Price】

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my first deck with ordering cards online and im looking for some advice before ordering. the link to the deck so far: some good ideas in this article 【Get Price】

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aug 28, 2016 but in the top 100 after day 1, i was surprised to see multiple players who had stuck with good old blue-white control. one of them was brian 【Get Price】