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what does 'have the floor' mean? - idiom definition - usingenglish

discover the definition of 'have the floor' in our extensive dictionary of english idioms and if someone has the floor, it is their turn to speak at a meeting.【Get Price】

what is floor? definition and meaning -

definition of floor: lowermost preset limit of a range, or the maximum limit below which a quantity (such as an interest rate, inventory level, selling price) is not 【Get Price】

capital floor definition -

capital floors have been used by regulators for a long time to ensure that risk-based capital requirements do not fall too far. for instance, the final draft of the 【Get Price】

definition of price floor what is price floor ? price floor meaning

definition: price floor is a situation when the price charged is more than or less than the equilibrium price determined by market forces of demand and supply.【Get Price】

wage floor law and legal definition uslegal, inc.

wage floor is the floor below which wages are not allowed to fall. in other words, it is the minimum wage established either by law or by an agreed-upon wage 【Get Price】

what is raised floor? - definition from - searchdatacenter

a raised floor is a data center construction model in which a slightly higher floor is constructed above the building's original concrete slab floor, leaving the open 【Get Price】

have the floor definition and meaning collins english dictionary

have the floor definition: if someone has the floor , they are the person who is speaking in a debate or discussion meaning, pronunciation, translations and 【Get Price】

floor definition from the buildings topic buildings

floor in the buildings topic by longman dictionary of contemporary english ldoce what you need to know about buildings: words, phrases and expressions 【Get Price】

ocean floor: definition & features

the ocean floor may be more exciting to explore than any mountain above sea level. read this lesson to learn about what you'll see on the ocean 【Get Price】

nwfa announces official definition of real wood flooring

the national wood flooring association (nwfa) is releasing a formal definition of wood flooring to help consumers and professionals identify the difference 【Get Price】

floor effect / basement effect: definition - statistics how to

sep 10, 2017 statistics definitions > the floor effect is what happens when there is an artificial lower limit, below which data levels can't be measured.【Get Price】

floor and ceiling levels definition nadex

spreads limit your risk exposure to a defined maximum and minimum. the floor and ceiling levels of spreads represent the boundaries of the price range you are 【Get Price】

floor_1 noun - definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes

definition of floor_1 noun in oxford advanced learner's dictionary. walk on a wooden/concrete/marble, etc. floor ceramic floor tiles the body was lying on the 【Get Price】

floor insurance glossary definition

looking for information on floor? irmi offers the most exhaustive resource of definitions and other help to insurance professionals found anywhere. click to go 【Get Price】

mezzanine - wikipedia

a mezzanine is, strictly speaking, an intermediate floor in a building which is partly open to the contents. 1 definition; 2 industrial mezzanines; 3 safety; 4 references; 5 bibliography; 6 external links 【Get Price】

floor definition and meaning collins english dictionary

floor definition: the floor of a room is the part of it that you walk on. meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.【Get Price】

floor definition of floor at

floor definition, that part of a room, hallway, or the like, that forms its lower enclosing surface and upon which one walks. see more.【Get Price】

floor area ratio (far) definition - investopedia

apr 19, 2019 the floor area ratio (far) is the relationship between the total amount of usable floor area that a building has, or has been permitted to have, 【Get Price】

off-floor order definition -

off-floor order: read the definition of off-floor order and 8000+ other financial and investing terms in the financial glossary.【Get Price】

floor (verb) definition and synonyms macmillan dictionary

define floor (verb) and get synonyms. what is floor (verb)? floor (verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by macmillan dictionary.【Get Price】

floor limit definition - glossary -

floor limit. an amount that visa and mastercard have established for single transactions at specific types of merchant outlets and branches, above which 【Get Price】

floor - definition for english- learners from merriam

definition of floor written for english learners from the merriam-webster learner's dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and 【Get Price】

floor - definition of floor by the free dictionary

define floor. floor synonyms, floor pronunciation, floor translation, english dictionary definition of floor. n. 1. a. the surface of a room on which one stands. b.【Get Price】

what is a finish floor or floor covering? - the spruce

may 26, 2019 a finish floor or floor covering is the topmost layer of a floor. learn the definition of a finish floor or floor covering as it relates to home 【Get Price】

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may 28, 2019 approved document c, site preparation and resistance to contaminants and moisture, suggests that a 'floor' can be defined as the:.【Get Price】