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plant pungent plants to help deer proof your yard. 4 × . make sure fences are at least 8-feet high with no more than 6-inch by 6-inch gaps. electric fences 【Get Price】

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see more. deer proof vegetable garden hello bob, just to thank you for the quick service . deer proof vegetable garden ideas on deer proof garden fence!【Get Price】

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aug 14, 2017 deer are deterred by scented sprays, tall fences, cayenne pepper, dogs . or cage around the garden can be made 100 percent deer-proof.【Get Price】

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jul 30, 2015 you need a monster-size fence to protect your garden from deer, but it great garden combo: 3 wonderful plants for a deer-resistant screen【Get Price】

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order the plants right here and make your dream garden a nightmare for deer! also, control deer damage with 8'-tall black mesh deer fencing and with deer 【Get Price】

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the idnr offers advice on a number of different fences to keep deer out of yards and gardens, such as the 8' deer-proof fence and snow fence described 【Get Price】

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benner's gardens deer proof fence has been the leading solution for garden protection for over 15 years. our deer proof fence has assisted thousands of home 【Get Price】

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jan 12, 2017 when it comes to garden pests, deer have long been public enemy no.1 here in wire fencing is long lasting and highly resistant to damage.【Get Price】

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however, the plants on this list are good, deer-resistant choices. ideally, a deer fence should be angled away from the garden at about 30 degees. deer avoid 【Get Price】

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fences are prohibited in many areas, and using a fence to deer proof your yard has other drawbacks as well. fences can be ugly and expensive, and they block 【Get Price】

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grow these 20 deer resistant plants, including shrubs, perennials, if all else fails, surround your garden with tall deer fencing or other impenetrable barrier.【Get Price】

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under heavy browsing conditions, you may need to limit your plants to the more deer-resistant varieties and use deer-proof fencing around your garden.【Get Price】

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the best way to keep deer from eating your garden is to plant deer-resistant plants! here's a list of our favorite deer-resistant plants, flowers, and shrubs for your last summer the rabbits eat most of our vegetable garden, with a 6 foot fence 【Get Price】

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while there are so called deer-resistant plants, these will vary by region, and in times construct your deer fencing before you plant your garden or landscape.【Get Price】

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mar 22, 2009 this is a great solution for small gardens or areas near the house where a final possibility is growing a living deer-proof fence, or a hedge too 【Get Price】

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just make sure that the fence is visible to both deer and people. utilizing plants in the landscape that are more deer resistant is a good way of limiting damage.【Get Price】

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deer are astoundingly agile jumpers, and a typical garden fence has little chance of excluding them. designers of effective deer-resistant fences take 【Get Price】

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jun 25, 2015 here are a few tactics that will keep them from making your garden their deer fencing is a fool proof way to keep deer out of the garden and 【Get Price】

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jan 25, 2018 how to deer proof your garden. topics include fence height, how to create a invisible deer fence, poly vs metal deer fencing and more.【Get Price】