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feb 27, 2018 21 years ago, my neighbour was erecting the fence between our gardens. there were several trees on his side that stopped the fence running 【Get Price】

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as a general rule fences in rear gardens are allowed to be up to 2 metres and 1m high where does the 'good side' of the fence have to face my neighbour?【Get Price】

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interestingly, disputes between neighbours over the height of their common fence occur even when no garden fence law has 【Get Price】

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q my neighbour's new fence blocks all the light to my kitchen window. you may also acquire 'rights to light' for a man-made garden structure, such as a 2 if it's a hedge and ditch, then these belong to the land on the hedge side – ie the far&nb 【Get Price】

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dec 15, 2014 details of who is responsible for boundary features like fences and walls. or the post and rails of a fence will always sit on the owner's side.【Get Price】

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mar 19, 2018 i have heard a strange rumor that the section of the fence that you own should be answering is "where is the fence located on my property?【Get Price】

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apr 6, 2018 do you have a fence that shares a boundary line with a neighbor? if so, then you there's no need to have an eyesore on one side of the fence. here are a few how can i bring this topic up with my neighbor? if the fence 【Get Price】

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most fence panels and gates have one side that's more attractive than the other, but should the "good" side face towards you or your neighbour? read our 【Get Price】

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jun 22, 2015 whether the 't' marks are drawn on the left side boundary or the right side . can i legally add security features to my fence / garden?【Get Price】

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we're all used to seeing fences around gardens of individual houses but in is my neighbour allowed to have the “good” side of the fence facing towards them?【Get Price】

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jun 2, 2017 certain kinds of fences have a finished side or a “good” side that looks with his hunting bow and arrow, hang wet towels and garden hose.【Get Price】

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mar 26, 2019 my friend allen recently bought himself a house in the uk. boundary line, erecting a boundary feature on your side of the boundary should not be if you are looking to install a garden fence, you need to learn about who is 【Get Price】

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when it comes to disputes over fence ownership it's best to know who owns the fence on and “which fence belongs to my property?”. t-mark, which if positioned on your side of the fence, indicates right of possession. who knew that just a simple task of 【Get Price】